Shawn Allen Harper (ne Hartselle) is a character on the series, Harpers Falls. He is played by Big Brother aluma Shane Meaney.

Samantha's second sonEdit

Like his half-sister, Audra Harper, Shawn is very much a person of the world. He is the son of Samantha Harper and a man named Andrew Hartselle. After Andrew's death, Audra's father, Gabriel Donnellson, was Shawn's stepfather. While Gabe loved Shawn, and helped raise him, Shawn missed his father.

'Shawn became a modeling agent, and did a wonderful job, although at one time, he was mixed up in crime thanks to Erica Harper's criminal spree.

He became her personal assistant (although he did not realize that she was really his aunt), but he had always had more morals and character than Erica gave him credit for.

He furiously quit on her after he discovered that Erica wanted to kidnap his second cousin, Maggie Bennett-Harper, the daughter of his cousin, Hannah Harper Atchley.

After initial resentment and some understandable hostility from his family, Shawn revealed the information that he had on Erica, which they didn't hesitate to use on her. After that, and having proven his worth to them, Shawn was welcomed and accepted into the family.

Shawn is a friendly and compassionate person, who had no liking for a lot of the vile things Erica did.

Shawn and Audra were pleased when his mother, Samantha, got married for the third time, to Steven Bennett. She married him quietly at city hall, to prevent a major do, something she didn't want.  They love Steven, and already consider him part of the family.

He, like most of his family, is very protective of his cousin, Dylan Harper. While he is awestruck with Dylan's strength and his pride in being a Harper, he is concerned that evil people could hurt him, by striking at his sensitive core. Shawn will NOT allow that to happen, just like the rest of his family.

Recently, Shawn and Audra welcomed their other half-brother, Alex Henderson to the fold. Alex, the son of their mother's first husband, John Henderson, helps tie the Atherton family to the Harpers.