Serena Bauerfeld (Born Serena Fleming, surname changed to her mother's maiden name of Bauerfeld) is a character on ONtv's Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. She is played by Christina Bennett Lind, best known for being the second adult Bianca Montgomery on All My Children.

Anyssa's friendEdit

Very little is known of Serena, before she and her divorced mother, Lorraine had moved to Beacon Hill. What is known is that she was born in Cambridge, and attended school at Radcliffe, majoring in art and business.

After her mother divorced her father, Callen Fleming, she had Serena's surname changed from Fleming to Bauerfeld, although for a time, they used the last name, Gerber. They now are proud to use the last name of Bauerfeld.

Serena, as successful as her mother, owns a company that produces and manufactures artists supplies, this stemming from her love of art and mixing her two majors, art and business.

Serena is also the head of the Fleming-Gerber Foundation. This charity was founded by both Serena and Lorraine to be a support system for parents and children having gone through divorce.

While Lorraine still harbors resentment at her ex-husband, Callen Fleming, Serena convinces her mother to also open it to men who have been burned by spiteful wives. Lorraine, herself a fair woman, agrees.

Upon moving to Beacon Hill, Serena becomes friends with Courtney Harrison, who introduces her to her best friend, Anyssa Harper Forson.

These three (along with Susannah Lucas, Anyssa's other best friend in Illinois) become a circle of support for one another. Serena also has been instrumental in helping Joliette Manning in becoming a part of their circle.