JULIA CHRISTINE DANNON is a character that had her beginnings in a story called Marshall City, and is now a character in the series, Harpers Falls. She was originally played by Big Brother alumna Britney Haynes, but when she did not want to renew her contract, the role was recast with UK actress, Lacey Turner, best known for her role of Stacey Slater Fowler on the UK soap, EastEnders.

Businesswoman par excellanceEdit

One of the most dynamic businesswomen on the East Coast, Julia Dannon is a take charge woman who doesn't take any back seats to anyone. She barrels into situations where no man, who has more expertise in business, would even dare to tread. Her successes as a businesswoman make that obvious.

She owns and operates Dannon Industries, the company left by her parents.

Julia is great at her job, but she is also very human too. While she is very outgoing, and has a very huge sense of humor, she is not sure what to make of Boston, although she had made many visits there.

Julia gained a close friend in her cousin, Sheila Harper Watkins, herself a successful businesswoman, and they work with Sheila's twin brother, Dylan Harper, who himself is Co-CEO of Harper Industries.

As she gets used to Boston, and she sees familiar friends of hers from her old stomping grounds of Marshall City, the loneliness will abate and Julia's personality will come through.

Recently, Julia discovered her aunts, Wendy Harper and Vivienne VanCortlandt, the sisters of her late mother, Margaux, lived in town.

Wendy, who was recently widowed; and her long widowed other aunt, Vivienne, have welcomed her into the family. She is also pleased to find out that her former college friend, Andrea Wellington, is also in town, and she hangs out with her as well.