It's all over for Jennifer (Charlie Brooks) when her crimes come back to haunt her!

In this episode, the malicious Jennifer is finally called on her past sins!


It is a brisk cool day in Boston. There is a clear signal that Autumn is in the air. The area is so electric along with the cooler temperatures that it is a sure sign that Thanksgiving is on the way. 

However, there is a gathering in the Atchley Mansion's main ballroom. Everyone is watching an angry Jennifer Barrett sit in a chair. She is being brutally interrogated by a cop who has come from Los Angeles.  Libby vowed to make her pay for what she did to Albie. 

JENNIFER: You'll pay for this Smas!   You will pay for this!  I will make sure you will be in prison when I am through! 

LIBBY: No, you won't, slut!  You're only TEMPORARILY out of the Supermax so you can be held accountable for the crimes you committed against everyone over the years!

JENNIFER: Statute of limitations!  I got away with it, because everybody loves me!

(This infuriates Libby)

LIBBY: No there isn't!  You're facing child neglect charges for what you did to Aidan as a child; you're facing filing a false report for that night at the Viper Room, and for more, much more!  

JENNIFER: Burn in hell!

OFFICER: Mrs. D'Aiterio is right, though. You've thought you got away with what you did to your son, well you've not.  Say goodbye for a long time, Barrett.  You are finished!

JENNIFER: This will not end!  I may be in Supermax, but you will all burn in hell for all this!  

ALBIE: Not quite, slag!  You're facing a laundry list of crimes, and you will most definitely be convicted.  This day has been long overdue.  You're finished, Barrett!

JOAN: I will never forgive you for what you did to my brother and Jason.  I will make sure you pay for it! 

JENNIFER: Whatever!

JOAN: Don't you DARE whatever me, bitch!  You'll never see the light of day again! 

(The cop hauls her up.)

OFFICER: Ms. Neuenworth, she will be charged in abstenstia for her crimes in California. But she will remain here in Boston's Supermax!  

JOAN: Good, she will never be in my brother's business again! 

JENNIFER: Burn in hell, Neuenworth! 

JOAN: I will make sure you SUFFER! 

JENNIFER: Try it, you bitch! 

(All of a sudden, a gun shot is fired.  Joan falls down!)


COP: Get an ambulance here to the Atchley Mansion! 

(Fortunately, Joan was slightly grazed by the bullet.  A hitman runs towards the door.  The security grabs the evil hitman.  He is cursing and swearing!)

JOAN: Bitch, it is obvious your hitman has no aim! 

JENNIFER: I won't quit until you are dead!  I am going to destroy your brother emotionally!  It is my dream!  Donald Trump would approve of it!

ZACHARY: Leave Albie alone, bitch!  If you even DARE to put any stress or trauma on MY boyfriend, I will see to it that you are permanently destroyed! 

(The cop hauls Jennifer out, screaming and yelling. The hitman was duly arrested. Joan is only shaken, and more rattled than anything. She goes to Zachary and gives him a kiss.)

JOAN: Thanks for loving Albie, Zachary. 

ZACHARY: You're welcome, Joanie.  He is very special to all of us. 

(Zachary and Albie go out, the rest leave as well; and Jennifer is hauled out to the Supermax!  The scene fades)