Part Two of Dylan in Crisis

The storm had finally ended, and the community was beginning to pick up the pieces from the damages of the houses especially south of town. However, Dylan Harper was still sedated after the devastating explosion had scared him into a coma.

Alex was watching over him, while the rest of the family was working on things to make his health the top priority.

Marcus Johnson was laughing insanely as Megan Harper came out of the house. She looked through the brother of her fiance. "Having a good laugh at my cousin's expense?!" she said angrily.

Marcus just kept on laughing, Megan walked right by him, without a word to him.

"Hope your stupid cousin remains in a coma forever!" Marcus crowed.

That stopped Megan, who was livid with rage.

"How DARE you say that about my cousin, Dylan!" she snapped in anger.

Marcus continued to laugh, which was angering Megan all the more. However, Carlton came in. "Megan, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Your brother, Marcus, is mocking Dylan's troubles," Megan sobbed.

"Meg, go into the house," Carlton said, "Momma will make you some tea, ok?"

Megan went into the house crying, Valerie held her close, "Don't worry, darling," she said softly, "Dylan will be all right."

Carlton glared at Marcus, "How DARE you make fun of Meg's cousin?!"

Marcus was laughing, "It's so much FUN!" he crowed.

Carlton looked at his evil brother, "I'd bust you in the mouth," he snapped, "but I won't, because I don't want to stoop to your level!"

"Goody-goody!" Marcus taunted his brother, "Always the good one! You lot don't understand me!"

"I understand enough of you, Marcus," Carlton said angrily, "that what I have on you would destroy you immensely. Don't EVER allow me to use that on you!"

Marcus froze. How much on him DID Carlton have?

The Dylan in Crisis story will conclude on tomorrow's Harpers Falls.