Courtney Marie Harrison is a character on the ONtv series, Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. She is played by Janelle Pierzina, best known for her three stints on the successful reality show, Big Brother.

Boston's own shining North StarEdit

The midwest-born Courtney came from Minnesota, to go to Harper Academy in Harpers Falls, Massachusetts, where she became best friends with Anyssa Lucas Harper Forson. The somewhat quiet but very outspoken Anyssa Rayburn Lucas (as she was then called) was still smarting from being uprooted from Plaisance Academy in Chicago, where she was from, (and also being uprooted from her sister and best friend, Susannah Lucas) and sent to Harper.

Courtney helped fill the void that she had when she moved to Massachusetts. Anyssa and Courtney moved into a room together after Anyssa had a spat with her former roommate, Aileen Mercier, then a real nasty person.

After graduation, the two went to separate colleges. Anyssa went to Northwestern University, where she reconnected with her friend, Susannah Lucas; and Courtney attended school at New York University.

After graduation, Courtney worked for a few years in New York, until she was assigned to an architecture firm in Boston. Upon returning to Boston, she reconnected with Anyssa, and they have been close ever since.

Courtney finally saw a picture of Anyssa's friend, Susannah, and Anyssa shared with her about her long time friendship with her. Courtney isn't jealous of the bond that Anyssa has with her, because in a lot of ways, Susie is like a sister to her best friend.

Despite her success as an architect, Courtney hasn't had good luck in romance. She hopes that changes.

Courtney and Anyssa also has welcomed a new person into their circle of friends, that of newcomer (to the Beacon Hill area, anyway) Serena Gerber. They also welcomed Joliette Manning into their circle, after Anyssa's cousin and Joliette's best friend, Vanessa, married and left Boston.

Though they are not romantically linked, and likely as not, won't ever be, Courtney is often escorted to events by Brad Atchison, whom she considers a good friend.

Courtney has a solid bond with her friend's daughter, (and her namesake) Courtney Sue Forson. She is often involved in the youngster's life, helping her with her life decisions.