Cody Allan Jablonski is a character on the ONtv series, Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. He is played by Big Brother alumna Frank Eudy. However, when Frank was tapped to return to Big Brother for its 18th season, and had planned on leaving the series altogether, actor Justin Bruening, best known for his role of Jamie Martin on the now-defunct All My Children, was tapped to play the role.

Amy's businessman husbandEdit

A handsome young man, who tends to tell it like it is, not as what people want to hear, Cody is powerful, stubborn, and sometimes a bit crude, but he does have a caring heart towards those he cares about.

Cody comes from Portland, Maine, and lived there most of his life, having gone to Bowdoin College; as well as working in nearby Lewiston-Auburn, Maine for some time. Around about that time, his parents had both died, and he gained control of Jablonski Industries, which, while not having the reach of Harper Industries or even Smythe Industries, still has a bit of power.

While shopping around Faneuil Hall, Cody comes across a woman named Amy Smythe the heiress to Smythe Industries in Smythewood, Pennsylvania. She was crying after being betrayed by a former family friend, Dr. Michael Whitfield, who had been exiled from Boston. Cody listened to her while she told her story.

The two became inseparable ever since. After a few months, Cody found the nerve to ask Amy to marry him. He knew that Amy had just recently divorced her ex-husband, Eric Andrucci, who had cheated on her numerous times, so he is willing to take his time.

Eventually, with his support, Amy signs the papers. They were married on October 15th, at the Jablonski cabin at Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

Unlike Eric Andrucci, Cody gets along beautifully with his in-laws, and loves them being around. Cody was pleased when Amy had their first child, a son named Jake.