Christina Jean Anne Burkhardt is a character on the ONtv series, Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. She is played by Australian/UK actress, Emily Symons, who is best known for her role of lovable Marilyn Chambers on the Australian series, Home and Away.

Lovable but ditzy designerEdit

Born in Sydney, Australia, and immigrated to the United States when she was six years old, Christina was always interested in design, but her widowed mother, although she did recognize that Christina had absolute talent at design, had no liking for her working in that profession. She had always insisted that her daughter be practical. Design was frivolous in her mind, and would not pay the bills.

Christina, tired of all the arguing with her mother, conceded and attended teachers college in Amherst. She had always been very smart, which belies her beauty. She became an Art teacher, which still allowed her to do her art, but would also be teaching.

However, after her mother died, Christina had amassed a great deal of tenure as a teacher, but even with that, she still realized that guaranteed poverty was not, in her words, "her cup of tea."

Even when teaching, she still retained her dream to be a designer. After finding out that her job had been eliminated due to school district budget cuts (she had taught at Brockton Harpers Falls High School), fate had intervened with allowing her to meet Sheila Harper Watkins in front of Wheeler's Department Store, which was owned by Sheila's great aunt, Patricia Wheeler.

Sheila, having just reopened her fashion design business in Boston, immediately hired Christina on the spot as the chief designer, and she was also made a partner. Christina is in her element, designing fashions and being around Sheila and her partners, Cynthia Archer; Linda Atchison; Anngelique Minzell; Clarissa Smythe and Allegra Whittenberg.

Christina, one of the nicest and sweetest people around, however, has no liking for Rhonda Whittenberg, who nearly tried to sink the business, due to her conniving. Christina doesn't take any of her excuses and knows that Rhonda cannot be trusted.

On the flip side, though, Christina's aunt Sharon Langstrom has now moved to Boston, and like her niece, is a maven with fashion design and clothing. While Sharon owns a boutique on Charles Street, Christina convinced the other partners to take on her aunt as a part time partner.