Jacqueline (Brittany Robertson) finds out about her convoluted family ties and all that her grandmother, Allison Wentzel did to her.

Some people just absolutely have no sense! Allison's secrets are exposed by her sister, Monica and the entire square is beyond furious with her, with the angriest being Jacqueline, not to mention Jacqueline's newly discovered aunt, newcomer Lyla Ann Amherst, who is revealed to be the sister of Catherine Watkins Haller and the cousin of Camilla in this powerful episode of Harpers Falls: New Beginnings.

Scene OneEdit

In the Park area of Louisburg Square. Monica Wentzel, who is staying with Nicholas and Taylor at their house, is waiting for her niece, Jacqueline, who is hurrying to her, despite the cold and wind of the day.

JACQUELINE: Sorry I am late, Aunt Monica. I couldn't get away from the station until now.

MONICA: It's all right, honey, I just got here too.

JACQUELINE: You sounded troubled on the phone. What's wrong?

MONICA: There are some things you need to be told, Jacquie.

JACQUELINE: Sounds very serious.

MONICA: It is. It has been a long time coming, but you deserve to know the truth about what you've been through.

JACQUELINE: What do you mean?

MONICA: My sister, your grandmother, has been lying to everyone but most of all, she has especially lied to you.

JACQUELINE: About what? I don't understand. What has she been lying about?

MONICA: There is no easy way for me to tell you this, but I am going to be honest. Your adoption to Robert and Lydia Cranston was not done voluntarily.

JACQUELINE (stunned): It wasn't? What do you mean?

MONICA: There was some serious deception done on my sister's part, and I think you need to know what happened.

JACQUELINE: All right, I'm listening.

MONICA: When you were born, your mother and father were convinced by Allison that they could not take care of you, but that was merely a smokescreen.


MONICA: Everything hinged on everything else. Catherine was your mother, but Robert was not her birth father.

JACQUELINE (now getting angry): Who was Mom's birth father?

MONICA (angry at Allison): Catherine's father is Matthew Abbott.

JACQUELINE: Uncle Matthew?  You mean, Aunt Marge's brother?

MONICA: Yes.  Catherine passed away in Hawaii, that much you already know, but what you don't know is why you were adopted out.

JACQUELINE: What was the reason?

MONICA: My sister adopted you out simply to hide her own adultery. She came up with the miserable reason that if you were still with your parents, then that would have been a reminder to her of her adultery. So she foisted you off to the adoption agency. I have already talked with your adopted parents, Robert and Lydia Cranston, and they told me that they understood and they are happy you are safe and back with your dad. They will always love you, Jacquie. They have no anger towards you, but they are plenty angry with Allison.  Allison had lied too much to too many people, you most of all.  I feel you are entitled to the truth, no matter what Allison thinks.

JACQUELINE (icily, angry at her grandmother): I see. No wonder I got rebuffed by her whenever I asked her about Mother.

MONICA: Well, your great-grandmother and I are gonna make this right.

JACQUELINE: How? Allison lied where she had no call to lie. She literally upended my life.

MONICA: I know, darling, but this is for you.  She kept you from your mother, and I will be damned if she does that to the rest of the family!

JACQUELINE: I am glad you told me, Aunt Monica. Thank you.

MONICA: You are welcome, darling, and believe me, Allison will pay for this.

(The two head back over to Robert and Victoria's house, where they tell Victoria and Sheila what Allison had done. As they head over to the Watkins home, a young woman is watching.)

Scene TwoEdit

Dylan's townhouse on Mount Vernon St.  Sheila is incensed at what she had found out over at Victoria's. She storms into the house.

DYLAN: Sheila, what is wrong?

SHEILA (fuming): Allison Wentzel strikes again!

DYLAN (putting his arm around Sheila): Calm down, honey, and come with me to the kitchen. We can have a snack or something. What's got you so upset, dear?

SHEILA: Jacqueline and Monica came over when I was visiting Aunt Victoria and they were spitting mad.

DYLAN: What do you mean?

SHEILA: Jacqueline found out about her birth circumstances and about how and why she was put up for adoption.

DYLAN (wincing): Oh, God, no! Who told her?

SHEILA: Monica told her everything.

DYLAN: How did she react?

SHEILA: She is furious!  Understandably.

DYLAN: And who can blame her for it? Allison has a lot of explaining to do.

SHEILA: That she does, dear, and I feel bad for Jacquie.

DYLAN: Should we be there for her?

SHEILA: Yes, we should.  Allen is going over, and so are the others.

(Enter Libby Atchison, Libby is Dylan's best female friend aside from Sheila.)

LIBBY (brightly): Hi everyone, hiya Dyl. What's wrong?

DYLAN: A lot of upheaval, I'm afraid, Lib. Jacqueline found about what Allison had done. And we're going over there.

LIBBY: Oh my goodness! Allison put her foot in it now.  Definitely we're going to be there for her, she is our friend.

(Enter Adam and Barry.  Adam is Dylan's husband and Barry is Dylan's adopted brother and his best friend)

ADAM: Hey honey, hi Sheila, Libby.

LIBBY (grinning): Hi there, Adam.

BARRY: Where are you going?

DYLAN: Over to Aunt Victoria's house. We're gonna be there for Jacquie, because she found out what Allison did to her!

(As they prepare to leave, the same young woman from earlier comes up to the group.)

WOMAN: Excuse me, do you know those two who went to that house on the square?

DYLAN: Yes we do, Miss. Monica Wentzel and Jacqueline Haller.

WOMAN: Monica is Allison Wentzel's sister?

SHEILA: Yes, she is.  She is my husband's aunt. What is wrong, Miss?

WOMAN: Forgive my intrusion into this mess. My name is Lyla Ann Amherst. I just moved to Cambridge from my hometown in Connecticut, and I was wondering how Allison fits into this mess with Jacqueline.

LIBBY: Apparently, from what little I know of it, Allison played some dirty pool on her own daughter, by adopting her granddaughter, Jacqueline out, without ANY input from Catherine and Nicholas.

LYLA ANN: Oh my God!  That is terrible!

AUDRA: How do you fit into these proceedings?

LYLA ANN: Do you know a Matthew Abbott?

ADAM: Yes, we do, he is Jacquie's grandfather; and our friend, Camilla Abbott's uncle.

LYLA ANN: Then that would make me Jacqueline's aunt. Matthew, Catherine's father, is my dad too. Catherine is my half-sister. Allison pulled a vicious trick on my mother, June Amherst. Camilla would also be my cousin.

DYLAN: Wow!  What a swamp that woman has caused.

LYLA ANN: She HAS to be stopped!

(Linda Amherst, a nurse at Mass General and a friend of the Harpers, is stunned to see Lyla Ann. Apparently, Linda and Lyla Ann are old friends!)

LINDA: Do my eyes deceive me?! Lyla Ann?

LYLA ANN: Linda! Come over here, girl!

(The two are having a noisy reunion.  The rest of the group are enjoying the reunion)

LINDA: So you met everyone?

LYLA ANN: Kind of.

LINDA (grinning affectionately at her best friend): Oh brother!  You jump into any conversation.  I am sorry, guys.  Everyone, this is my best friend, and my late husband's sister, Lyla Ann Amherst. Lyla Ann, this is part of the Harper bunch.  They are the big bunch here in Louisburg Square. This wonderful guy here is Dylan, he lives in this house.  His parents live across the square. The guy with him is his husband, Adam Mathison Harper; the woman there is his cousin, Sheila Watkins.

LYLA ANN: Very nice to meet you all.

DYLAN: Nice to meet you too, Lyla Ann. 

LINDA: Where are you all going?

LYLA ANN: Over to Victoria Jensen's home. A confrontation is brewing.

LINDA: With whom?

DYLAN: Allison Wentzel.

(The group, along with Dylan's parents, and Shawn and Audra, who were walking with Joanna and Cara, go over to Victoria's home.)

Scene ThreeEdit

Victoria Jensen's home midway on the right side of Louisburg Square. It is the same townhouse that she and Robert owned. While Robert is out of the country, she lives in it full time. Their other friend, Betty Anderson, had moved out some years back and into a senior apartment complex nearby. By this time, everyone has arrived. Along with them were Sheila McAllister, her sister, Sharlene; Lyla Ann; Linda; Camilla Abbott, a long time family friend (who has no idea that Lyla Ann is her cousin); Sheila's friend, Madeleine Jacobson; as well as Marge Atherton, Jacqueline's aunt. Also arriving is Eileen O'Reilly Balducci, her son, Sean, and her former in-law, Philomena. Nicholas and Taylor arrived as well.  Taylor dropped Nicky off at Anyssa Forson's home, where Cathy is also playing with the quads.  A.J. Wilson, Dylan's nephew (his mom is Dylan's youngest sister Rose) and his other niece, Maggie (her mother was his other sister, Hannah), were also at Anyssa's home. Victoria enters the study. She is calm, but she is also very furious at Allison.

CAMILLA: What is going on, Victoria?

VICTORIA: Joan is coming now. She is bringing Allison.

CAMILLA: Good!  Now we will finally have some answers, if anything, for Jacquie's sake!

MARGE: For once, some answers will be given, whether Miss Allison wants to give them or not!.

CAMILLA: By the way, Aunt Marge, did you talk with Nicholas's mother and sisters?

MARGE: Yes, I did, Cam. They sent word that they cannot be with us today. They went to Portland, Maine with Tracy for a antique buy for her antique shop. They're coming back later on tonight. They were made aware of what had happened with Jacquie and the lies Allison told, and yes, both Audrey and Tracy were furious. So was Carolyn, come to think of it. Carolyn talked with Jacquie before they left for Maine. They were firmly on our side in this.  They wish they could have confronted her in person, but they couldn't. Carolyn said she wanted to put Allison in her place, but since she couldn't, she sent me in her stead to do the job.

(Enter Jacqueline, who is in severe emotional pain.  Monica helps lead her niece in.)

JACQUELINE (quietly): I am so sorry you all were dragged into this. I wish I could have confronted her myself.

CAMILLA (kindly): Don't you worry about it, Jacquie, this is not your fault. And it is good we're all in this with you. We've got your back, and we're on your side.

JACQUELINE: In a way it is my fault. I cannot believe that she would do that to me! I hate my grandmother.

SHEILA W. (gently): I know you do, honey. I hate her too, and I don't say that very often. She has to pay and pay dearly for all the pain she has caused to both our families. But do not ever think that any of this is your fault.  None of what your grandmother did was even near your fault.

SHEILA M.: You know she's right, Jacqueline. I just met you today, and I think you're one of the bravest people I have ever met. You didn't deserve to be treated the way you were. Everyone here loves you, and we're pulling for you.

ADAM: We're all with you here, Jacquie. We're family, all of us, and we stick with our family.

DYLAN: That we are, Jacquie. Family does for family, and that is always one of the biggest credos and rules that the Harpers have. You fall under that protection, Jacquie.

BARRY: Allison will not escape justice here. You've got us, and she has nothing.

CARA: Yes, my cousins are right. We're here for you.

LIBBY: That's right, sweetheart.  You're not to blame for any of this.

NICHOLAS: Everyone's right, honey. Allison was the one who set this tragedy in motion, and this time, at least, we're gonna make this right, somehow. You've been denied justice for far too long, and this time, you're getting that justice. And don't worry, sweetie, Daddy's right by you, and so is Taylor and Aunt Monica. You have nothing to fear.

(Lyla Ann comes up to Jacqueline)

LYLA ANN: Excuse me. Are you Jacqueline Haller?


LYLA ANN: My name is Lyla Ann Amherst.  You and I are kind of victims of the same evil woman.  She tricked my mom, June, into sleeping with your Grandfather Matthew.  I am your aunt. Your mother, Catherine, was my half-sister.

JACQUELINE (overwhelmed): Oh my GOD!  Is there NOTHING she won't stoop to?

LYLA ANN: I fear not.  She was intent on ruining the family. Not just yours but mine as well. Thank God my brother Shawn is not alive to have to see this kind of insanity.

JACQUELINE: Nice to meet you, Aunt Lyla Ann, although I wish it was under happier circumstances.

LYLA ANN: Me too, honey. And believe me, my brother would have loved you with all his heart.

LINDA: Lyla Ann is right, he was my husband. And she is my best friend. I will be there for you as well.

(Up comes Camilla who is looking at Lyla Ann.)

CAMILLA: You mean, Allison did this to you as well?

LYLA ANN: Yes, Camilla. Catherine Watkins Haller was my half-sister, and I am your cousin as well.

CAMILLA: It is very nice to meet you, Lyla Ann, although I wish it was under different circumstances.

LYLA ANN: I hope you are not mad at me, Camilla.

CAMILLA: No, I am not mad.  Not at you, anyway, Lyla Ann. I saw your exchange with Jacquie, that was very good of you to do that for her. She needs that right now. Meanwhile, where is Allison?!  I want to KILL her!

(Enter Joan and Allison.)

JOAN: Jacqueline, I am so sorry this has been done to you by my own daughter. (She takes her great-granddaughter in her arms and holds her as Jacqueline breaks down sobbing while Camilla and Lyla Ann also comfort her) It's gonna be dealt with now, darling. All the lies will be exposed and Allison will pay for this.

ALLISON (irate): Doesn't anyone care about my side of the story?

(Everyone glares at Allison, nobody is too thrilled with her.)

PHILOMENA: Please! Don't give us that malarky. You've proven yourself to be a fool! 

EILEEN (angered): What side of the story?! You think your side MEANS anything?! I think everyone here knows what kind of woman you are!

ALLISON: Who the hell do you think you are?! I mean, really, Mrs. Balducci, does this affect you at all?

SHEILA W.: Of course it affects her, Allison!  If it affects Jacquie, it affects everyone in this neighborhood, not to mention this family!

MADELEINE: If Jacquie is harmed, something has to be done!

CAMILLA (marching up to Allison): I want answers from you, bitch!  And I want them right now!

ALLISON (imperiously): You don't deserve to know the truth.

CAMILLA (incensed): I think I do, lady! And don't you even DARE to be so patronizing to me! I am gonna ask this ONCE!  Is Catherine, my best friend, my cousin?!

ALLISON: That is NONE of your business!

CAMILLA: Why you....!

(Victoria brutally shoves Allison aside as she tries to keep Camilla from losing her temper.)

VICTORIA (calming Camilla down): Yes, Camilla. She was.  Matthew, your uncle, was Catherine's father. It was apparent, even to Denise, that Matt had something on his mind. By that time everything was revealed, William, your father, was dead, and he was spared all this that was going on with the family.

CAMILLA (glaring at Allison): I see. So, you were not even going to tell me?! I would have never known about all this insanity?!

ALLISON (flippantly): What would have been the point?!

CAMILLA (exploding): What would have been the POINT?!  Now, you listen to me, you selfish bitch! The point is, that Catherine was my cousin! And Jacquie is my second cousin! I was never told any of this because you were spreading lies about everyone all this time! You lied to everyone, no matter who they were!  That was all you do! That is all you EVER do!  You lie! 

LYLA ANN (angrily): And don't think that I haven't forgotten what you did to me and MY family!  What you did to us was bad enough, but this is not about me or Camilla. It never has been! This is about Jacquie, MY niece. SHE is the one who is hurting worse than anyone here, given what you pulled on her!

ALLISON: If you would only understand...

BARRY: What is there to understand, Allison?!  You lied! You lied to everyone. But most especially to Jacquie! By your actions, you've turned her world totally upside down! That is inexcusable!

ALLISON: Please, you have to understand...

JACQUELINE (enraged): Understand?!  Understand WHAT?! The fact that I didn't have my mom and dad?! That you put me in the adoption system?! Listen to me, I had to grow up without my mom and dad!  And you want us to understand what you did?!  There is nothing to understand! What you did was lie to save your own backside!  All you cared about was what was in it for you!  You were saving yourself, and your precious reputation and your only real fear was of losing the Watkins millions!

ALLISON: That is not true!

MARGE: Oh, but it is true, Allison!  And don't even try to lie! Although to you, lying is like mother's milk!  You've been caught in a web of your own devising!  Your lies have destroyed too many lives! Jacquie's life most of all, and you don't really care!  All you cared about was the Watkins fortune! 

ALLISON: I do care about my granddaughter! How dare you even insinuate that I don't, Marge!

MARGE: I speak my mind, Allison! A trait I got from Matthew, Denise and William. As you've always said, and not complimentary, you know how us Abbotts are!

ALLISON: So what?  I care about the welfare of MY family.

JACQUELINE (screaming, tears flowing from her eyes): QUIT LYING, ALLISON!!! You gave up your rights to this family a long time ago! If you did care, you would've not had me adopted out!  You were only hiding the guilt of your own adultery! That was why you had me adopted out!  If I had stayed with my mom and dad, you would have been reminded of your own adultery all the time!  You think nobody would ever expose your lies?!  Well, it has happened, and about time too!  And also what you did to Aunt Lyla Ann and her family.  She says this is not about her, but because of YOU, it HAS become about her!  I am glad she is a part of my family!

ALLISON: Who told you all these lies?! Jacqueline, I demand to know who would dare to defame me.

MONICA (angrily shooting her older sister a nasty glare): Don't you DARE yell at her like that! You don't even SPEAK to her! You lost that right when you pulled this on her! I will tell you who told her those things. I did! I will gladly admit it!  I was the one who told her the truth about the whole story! And they are not lies!  It is the truth!  Jacquie deserved to know the truth and you were never going to tell her!  So I did!

ALLISON: I knew it!  You were always Daddy's favorite!  I KNEW you would be disloyal!

MONICA (mocking): It's always been your way of doing things, Allison! Ever since I could remember, you would always twist things around so that you come out looking like the victim!  Give it a rest, Allison. Your persecution complex is beginning to get way old. You caused all this and you're reaping the consequences!  You asked for all of this! 

JACQUELINE (angrily defending Monica): Disloyal?! How DARE YOU?!  Aunt Monica isn't disloyal! Aunt Monica was brave to even begin to tell me about what you did! So don't go and badmouth her! At least Aunt Monica was one of the few people who was honest and forthcoming to me, which is more than you were!

ALLISON: But I was....

DYLAN (defending Jacqueline and Monica): Don't even TRY to deflect blame, Allison!  If you try that, you will NOT succeed! You were only protecting your own sorry hide!  Sorry, dear, that doesn't wash with me! You were supposed to be thinking of your daughter, and especially your own GRANDDAUGHTER!!  You didn't care a thing about Catherine OR Jacquie! You never did!  And I don't think you ever will! All you were worried about was the loss of the Watkins name and the money and prestige that came with it!  You make me SICK! I don't say this very often about anyone, but this time, I am gonna say it!  You disgust me!

ALLISON: But I....

ALLEN: Shut up, Mother! Dyl's right! You were only protecting yourself and your name and money and prestige. You don't care anything about Catherine or Jacquie!  Thanks to you and your lies to Catherine, and especially to Father, Jacquie never got to even KNOW her mother!  After Catherine died, she had no idea how Jacquie was; who she was, or even where she was!  She told me that, the day she died! The day Sheila and I went to Hawaii, it was to talk to Catherine before she died. That was when she told me how much she hated you for everything you've done to her! I hold you responsible for all the pain in this family!  This is YOUR fault, Mother! Completely YOUR fault. This is not Jacquie's burden to bear! It never was, and it never will be!  Jacquie has no ownership of any of the schemes you concocted!

SHEILA W.: You showed your true colors when you chose your own status and social position over your own flesh and blood! Jacquie needs our support and love now, and we're going to see that she gets it. You, Allison, on the other hand, you disgust me!

ALLISON: Sheila, please understand....

ADAM: She doesn't have to understand ANYTHING you have to say!  You are a liar, and you were caught! You're sorry all right. Sorry that you were CAUGHT!

SHEILA M. (seething): Why should she have to understand YOU?! You caused your own daughter and granddaughter great harm with your lies, Ms. Wentzel!  And now you are trying to defend something that is beyond defensible. And you think we should feel sorry for you?!  By your tissues of lies you betrayed not only your daughter's memories, but you also harmed and prevented your own GRANDDAUGHTER a chance to even get to know her mother.  A mother she loved with all her heart!  You make me SICK!

MADELEINE: Hear, hear, Sheila! (She gives her best friend a hug) What she said, I agree with. I can't believe someone could do to her own daughter, her own FLESH and BLOOD, and by extension, her own grandchild, the things you have done!  I am more than beyond disgusted, I have nothing but contempt for you!

SHARLENE: I don't know you, Ms. Wentzel, but from what I have heard from the others, I don't even want to know you! A mother is supposed to give her all for her child. You failed your own child! And you threw her and Jacqueline under the bus! I cannot accept that!  And I will NOT! When I lost my husband, Patrick to a heart attack and then when Linda lost Shawn to a car accident, we were always there for one another, because we were all we had left from our family. When Sheila moved here, I was thrilled and it was a blessing for both me and Linda. And now with Lyla Ann here, I am happy that Linda has her friend to be with! You betrayed your own daughter by taking her own newborn daughter out of her arms and adopting her out!  You disgust me!

ALLISON: You have no call to say anything to me!

LINDA (defensively): Don't you insult my mother! My mother is standing up for your own granddaughter, a concept that I KNOW is alien to you!  Her dad's girlfriend is her mother figure now.  And I applaud Taylor for stepping up to the plate for Nicholas and his daughter!

TAYLOR: Thank you, Ms. Amherst.

LINDA: Please, call me Linda.

TAYLOR: Thank you...Linda. I appreciate it, and I am glad I am in Jacquie's life. I love her as much as if she were my own flesh and blood.

ALLISON (sarcastically): This is all too touching.  Who are they to tell me anything.  They have no call to even SAY anything!

EILEEN: Well, I think she does! And it doesn't concern what YOU want! Mrs. Cameron is a mother, and so am I! Granted I did a lot of things wrong with Sean and his being gay, but what you did to your own daughter, and by extension to HER daughter, was even WORSE! Thank heavens Ms. Addison has taken up the slack by taking care of a grown daughter and a toddler, neither of which are her own children, but she cherishes them as if they were! Taylor, I salute you!

ALLISON: Don't you dare preach to me, Balducci!

PHILOMENA: Don't you dare say anything bad about Eileen!  She's proven herself, moreso to me, nowadays! You are a sorry excuse for a mother! Eileen has three grown children, and she does know how to be a mama. She loves Sean, she loves his friends, and heck, she is a mother figure to Dylan even though he has his mama in Wendy.

WENDY (quietly but firmly): Philomena is right, Allison. I admit, I don't know all the details about what you did, only from what Mike, Dylan and Sheila have told me. You weren't a mother!  You were an incubator!  You decided on having a fling with someone who wasn't your husband, WHILE you were married, and then had a child whom you tried to pass off as your husband's!

ALLISON: And you didn't?!

WENDY (in the same quiet but firm voice): That is not for you to judge! Yes, I was involved with a man who is my son's birth father. The thing that makes a difference is the fact that I was unmarried when I was in a relationship with Dane Whitfield, and I broke off with him.  Eric is my pride and joy, and I was so pleased when Mike adopted him!  As far as I am concerned, Dylan, Barry and Eric are ALL my sons, just as Hannah and Rose are my daughters. I am very blessed to have five grown children as my own.

ALLISON (losing her patience): SHUT UP!  None of you have any right to say any of this to me!  How dare you lot preach at me?!

VICTORIA (furiously, she never liked Allison, and it clearly shows here): Someone has to, you bitch! I don't like you, Allison!  I have NEVER liked you!  Because I never thought you were good enough for my brother, but he loved you and I tried to tolerate you for his sake. But you made it hard for me to do that!  You deceived and lied to everyone! Your mother, your sister, your own daughter and granddaughter; MY brother, your son, everyone who ever knew you! And others who never even met you now know what kind of a monster you really are!  Fortunately, Jacquie has her dad and Taylor now, who can at least try to undo some of the devastating damage you've caused to her soul and her psyche!  She has me; she has her Uncle Allen and Aunt Sheila; she has her Aunt Monica and her great grandmother; she has Nicholas's family who absolutely adores her, and want her happy; and everyone else here in this room!  You make me ill, Allison, and I don't EVER want to see you again!

JOAN: You won't have to worry about that, Victoria, because I have an idea.

VICTORIA: What is your idea, Joan?  What do you have planned?

JOAN: Because of Allison's lies to everyone, I have decided that she will be banished from my home in Syracuse, and she will be moved out to Utica, New York!

VICTORIA: An excellent suggestion, Joan.  I am in full approval of it! 

ALLISON (horrified): Mother, you can't!  How can you do this to me?!  Your own DAUGHTER!

JOAN (angry): I can and I will. And you have your nerve to even try that tack, given what you did to Catherine! Daughter or no daughter, you've lied too many times to too many people, and the one you've hurt most of all was Jacqueline. And your attitude towards her when she asked about her mother was inexcusable! The farther away you are from everyone, the less chance you will have to make trouble and the better for everyone to heal!

MONICA: And Mother, I have arranged to move back here to Boston. I want to be nowhere NEAR Allison, I am moving in with Nicholas and Taylor, if they will have me. I am going to get a chance to get to know Jacquie, which you, Allison, denied me a chance to do!

JOAN: Splendid idea, Monica. I think that's a marvelous idea.

TAYLOR: I agree with that, Joan.  And don't worry, Monica. There is plenty of room for you, no worries on that one. You are more than welcome. We would be honored to have you live with us.

MONICA: Thank you, Taylor. We can arrange to get my things in the morning. I think it is time, though, that we should get Jacquie home. She has had a tough day, and I don't think she wants to be in the same room that Allison is in right now.

NICHOLAS: I agree, Monica.  Come along honey, we're going home.

JACQUELINE: OK, I am ready.

(She gratefully goes to her father and hugs him.)

NICHOLAS: When we get home, we'll get you fed and then we can spend some time together, as a family, something that Allison knows NOTHING about!  Besides, your grandmother and your aunts will be home soon and they are coming over. (He glares angrily at Allison) Eat your heart out, you BITCH!

TAYLOR: Besides, honey, Nicky misses his big sister, and he can't wait to show you his pictures.

JACQUELINE (smiling in spite of everything): I can't wait to see them either, Mom.

(The room quiets as they drink in what Jacqueline called Taylor. Thoroughly touched by the simple word, she hugs her boyfriend's daughter.)

TAYLOR: Thank you, honey.  I will always be there for you. ALWAYS.

(Monica, Taylor and Nicholas help Jacqueline get her things and ready to go.)

VICTORIA (to Jacqueline): I am so very sorry, darling. Allison is going pay for all of this.

JACQUELINE: Yes, she will.  (She glares at her grandmother) And thank you, Aunt Victoria, for helping me see her for the monster she really is!

VICTORIA: It's my pleasure, darling. I will always be here for you.

(She takes Jacqueline in her arms for a hug)

ALLISON (in a vain attempt to win): I was only doing this for you, Jacqueline. I was only thinking of you.

JACQUELINE (coldly): No, you weren't!  It is disgusting that you still stand here and still weave your lies, even after they were exposed as lies! You couldn't care less about what happened to me!  You did this for yourself and for your own selfish means! You only cared about yourself and your reputation and not a thing for what your own daughter, MY mom, wanted! I hate you, Allison, and I don't EVER want to talk to you again!

(Jacqueline storms out with Monica, Taylor and Nicholas following, all shooting Allison hateful glares.)

DYLAN: We should all get going, too, Aunt Victoria.  We're getting fatigued, and I am sure you are as well, after all this. (He shoots Allison a burning glare. It was a look he had learned from his late grandfather, and also from his dad, Michael.  It was known as the Harper glare, and he was the master of it!) Besides, I agree with Jacquie, NONE of us want to be in the same room with Allison Wentzel!

VICTORIA: I understand, darling.  You all get some rest. (Victoria hugs her niece in-law's cousin) And I will be over tomorrow to discuss the charity committee plans with you, Adam and Barry. I will bring you some tea and cakes when I come over. I have already put an order in for that wonderful Strawberry Cheesecake you love so much.

DYLAN (grinning): Can't wait for that, Aunt Victoria.  Talk to you tomorrow.

VICTORIA: Good night, Dylan and everyone else.

(The Harpers, Balduccis, Camilla, Marge, Lyla Ann, Madeleine, Sheila, Sharlene and Linda all leave to go back to their own homes. Linda and Lyla Ann were going to go out on the town and celebrate their reunion with a late dinner, then Linda was going to help Lyla Ann unpack and get herself settled into her new place in Cambridge.  Allison is left with Victoria, who has been waiting to finish off her enemy.)

ALLISON: Well, I hope you are happy!  Between you and Monica, you two have completely ruined my life!

VICTORIA: No, Allison, you ruined your own life!  Monica and I had no hand in that!

ALLISON: You are a liar, Victoria, and you know it!

VICTORIA: No, you are the liar!  All your schemes were undone!  Jacquie will heal from all this!  It will take time, but she will heal!  And she will have those who love her behind her all the way!  I love my great-niece, you wicked woman, and you will be the one who loses out!  She told you herself that she will never speak to you again, Allison, and this was all of your own doing! You disgust me!  Now, get out of my home!

(Allison walks toward the door, but as she does, Victoria whirls her around and slaps her hard in the face!)

ALLISON: What was that for?!

(she feels her cheek where Victoria slapped her)

VICTORIA (very coldly): For what you did to MY family and to everyone else around here in Louisburg Square!  Now, we're even! Get outta my house!

Victoria storms out of the study and helps Joan get Allison out of the house. Allison is forced into the car.  The car leaves Louisburg Square and Allison is never heard from again.  The scene fades.